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Aurora HD AHRS

Aurora HD AHRS unit provides true heading under certain conditions.

Aurora HD AHRS is built to perform under the most demanding conditions. It combines temperature compensated accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers.

Aurora HD AHRS is a new generation in the Motion Sensors Industry, which combines FPGA & DSP Processor, an advanced distributed parallel calculation algorithm delivers the maximum performance of the unit.

Aurora HD AHRS is available in both OEM and enclosed package.

Aurora HD AHRS is

Small size and light weight.

Low power consumption.

Easy and fast push-pull connector.


Heading 0.1°

Roll 0.1°

Pitch 0.1°

Throughput and Interfaces:

Up to 100 Hz output rate.

User customized protocol.

2x RS232 and 1x RS422 fully customized for GPS and Output String.

Support Ethernet DHCP/UDP.

Support NEMA Output Protocols TSS1, TSS3 ...